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Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors really open up any home, bringing levels of light and space that other doors simply cannot match.

At Glaze-Tech, we work with the finest materials to bring you bi-fold doors of absolute quality. Incredibly simple yet very effective, our bi-fold doors are an impressive addition to any home, utilising the most of the space provided and ensuring a stylish feature of your back garden.

Light and space

Bi-fold doors are a very effective way of bringing even more light into your home. By folding the doors fully to one side, it not only allows you more space in which to move throughout your property but also lets more light in.Bi-fold doors are proven to offer at least 50% extra clear opening space compared to standard patio doors.

Smooth opening

Although the bi-fold doors might look heavy and difficult to operate, the truth is exactly the opposite! With a smooth glide action, opening and closing our bi-fold doors is incredibly easy and fast.


Cuts down your energy bills!

Fitted with reliable and cost effective uPVC glass, our bi-fold doors add a greater level of energy efficiency to any home. By keeping warmth in during the winter months and allowing you to let more cool air into the house during the summer, our bi-fold doors will help to limit your usage of heating and air conditioning systems. You will then notice a dramatic decrease in your energy bills as a result!

Tailored to your property

Because we know that every home is different, we provide a wide range of bi-fold doors in a variety of different styles, colours and finishes. We make sure that every bi-fold door we install perfectly complements your home’s existing style and décor and enhances your property’s appearance.

For a free no obligation survey and quotation carried out at your convenience and a bi-fold door installation of the highest quality, contact the experts at Glaze-Tech today. We will be more than happy to utilise our experience in the industry to provide you with honest and impartial advice and support.