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Double glazing specialists

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Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a superb way of insulating a building against noise getting in or heat getting out; ideal in many commercial properties it is also ideal for listed buildings that must conserve original windows.

When double-glazing alone will not do it, our secondary glazing products and installations probably can, adding thermal and noise insulation, enhancing security and providing a way to deal with listed property windows that most planners approve. Our secondary glazing has an aluminium frame with a hardwood surround giving it a great look, and comes in hinged and vertical or horizontal sliding configurations.

Double Glazing
Double Glazing

Exceptional noise insulation

Keep the outside noise outside at home or in commercial and public properties such as a library, museum, gallery, lecture theatre, hotel bedrooms, city centre offices or recording studios secondary glazing is a quick way to do it and enjoy improved energy efficiency. Secondary glazing is just as good at keeping noise in at buildings like pubs, clubs or live music venues close to residential properties.

Get the most out of your heating

Heating homes, offices, hotels or any other building gets more expensive every day and even the best double glazing still leaks heat; seal the gap even tighter with a secondary glazing installation. Turning double to triple glazing can improve heat retention by up to 60% this can make a big difference to your heating and air conditioning bills as well.

Enhance building security

Secondary glazing makes life hard for anyone trying to break into a building, presenting another barrier for them to get past. Windows are widely known to be the weakest point of entry into any building so focusing extra security measures on them can make all the difference in discouraging a potential break in.

Double Glazing
Double Glazing

Provided as supply only or with full installation

We provide DIY and trade counter services for anyone wanting to self-install secondary glazing units, however we can also provide complete installations into domestic or commercial buildings included listed properties. Full FENSA members and approved by the Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' scheme, you can rely on Glaze-Tech to provide installations to the highest quality standard, fantastic customer service and we can provide repairs and upgrades to current windows and doors.

No matter what your requirements for secondary glazing products put it in the hands of the specialists at Glaze-Tech; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team, or read more about our installations and repairs services.